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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 4, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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crimestoppers is offering $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of her killer. >> we are on the final weekend before election day. both campaigns are running full speed. >> our reporter is in washington, dc, with the different approaches the candidates are taking. >> good morning, different approaches by both. what they are consistent is bringing out the supporters, those extra folks, to rally the voters in the last final couple of days. >> with the finish line in sight, melania took to the podium in the first solo campaign stop appealing to suburban female voters in pennsylvania, battleground state. >> we must treat each other with respect and kindness even when we disagree. >> in arizona, a first? >> tim kaine the democratic v.p. nominee delivered a speech
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entirely in spanish. in the final crisscrossing of the nation the two laid out very different messages. >> when i look at the great admirals and the great generals and the great medal of honor recipients, to think of her being their boss in i don't think so. >> we are standing against a possibility of returning and normalizing discrimination. take it seriously, my friends, because it truly is at stake in this election. >> the latest tracking poll shows clinton three points ahead of donald trump. she has been trying to claw her way back after the fbi's
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director's announcement. it look she could be rising. from washington, dc, for abc7. reggie? >> california's historic senate race involving two democrats, representative sanchez has a long way to go to catch attorney general kamala harris according to a new poll showing only 28% in california have a favorable impression of sanchez. harris is at 41%. the poll shows harris has a 17-point led on sanchez. i will be using our "your voice your vote," election guide, plugging in your zip code with the never ending list of measures and candidates on your ballot along with information on the issues. it is on our front page of
4:33 am >> more fallout from the sexual abuse case that rocked the bay area, the district attorney is holding a news conference at 11:00 to discuss the results of their investigation into several police officers connected to the sex scandal involving jasmine abuslin. she had sex with dozens of officers in seven by area agency as, some when she was underage. >> an oakland police officer is facing charges related to the same woman, smith accessed the criminal database give times to look up jasmine abuslin and give her information. five other officers with other agencies are facing charges. the crimes range from obstruction of justice to having sex with a minor. richmond police department has fired four officer for their role. >> police are investigating a double shooting in the south bay. it left a man dead in an east san jose school at 6:30 last night. the elementary school is near.
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the other man went to the hospital and is expected to survive. no suspects have been identified or arrested. >> an important alert from berkeley police. have you hired a richmond woman to work for you? this is her, 44-year-old ingrid perez, the popular nanny is under arrest accused of beating a six-month-old bennett as she was being recorded and she does not seem to care. here is katie utehs. >> i saw the video and there were a number of times where she looked up at the camera. >> from the nanny camera on friday to mug shot on monday, berkeley police say this is the face of a suspected child abuser, 44-year-old ingrid perez of richmond. all the parents installed a nanny camera in the keel's room with video of the abuse. >> court documents outline the alleged attack on a six-month-old boy. perez looks directly at the camera and hits the victim in the bottom causing the victim to
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cry louder. >> are these crimes emotional for detectives? absolutely. she makes a fist and hits the victim with her knuckles. the officers arrested perez on the way to another nanny job on monday morning. >> she has been a nanny for a long period of time and she works a lot with a number of different families we felt the need to bring this forward. >> police say the baby boy is the only victim. he was treated at a local hospital with no obvious signs of injury. if you have hired peres and suspect abuse, detectives would like a call. >> new this morning, in our live desk, the paris las vegas hotel back up and running. there was a massive power outage. we have images that are erie to see the dark hotel hallways.
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guests are in their almost after being evacuated for hours and hours. the entire hotel was shut down. 12 people were trapped in the elevators. they were recused. officials had to check every system before allow people back in. caesars said they will reimburse gusts who missed their flights. the outage is blamed on a construction crew that drilled into the resort's main power line. there will be a news conference in an hour with an update. >> that is crazy. >> new details in a plane crash near pittsburg, initially reported that one person died. now a preliminary in thes is report shows two were killed in the crash. it hit power lanes after taking off two weeks ago. according to our media partner, the certified flight instructor died. the plane want down six piles
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east of buchanan field airport. >> hundreds of families lining up to register for much needed help for thanksgiving and christmas. many are camped out in front of sacred heart community service for the holiday food and toy program each year. this is not the correct video. they expect to sign up 7,200 families for turkeys anded if box with holiday gifts. families will request 1,800 toys for 6,200 kids. we will go there live this morning. >> the chicago cubs are ready to celebrate, preparing in the championship parade. the team leaves wrigley field at 8:00 a.m., the parade starting at 9:00 a.m. two million people showed up for the blackhawks championship parade, the third time in six years. imagine what it will be like given the fans have been
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waiting...they have not personally waiting but collectively 108 years. their fathers and grandfathers have been waiting. this should be a wonderful celebration. looking forward to that. >> your accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> saying i have been waiting my whole life that is no exaggeration. high surf advisory expired at 5 o'clock and waves are down at 12 to 14 feet and 15foot at monterey. santa cruz has small waves in the sheltered area and not near the boardwalk at 52 degrees. the coast will have nice temperatures and warm sunshine nearly 70. walking the dog warm sunshine. it is good. financial district, bay view and west portal and crissy field 630 to 61.
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57 to 59 in san francisco. 57 right new in san leandro and saratoga upper 40s. walnut creek and pleasanton at 57. pet hum, same thing. san jose is 49. mid-to-upper 70s today, barely a few 70s tomorrow. no 70s on sunday. an update on the rain is ahead. alexis? >> someones with taking the dog for a walk on the santa cruz camera so an advantage of this early you have the beach to yourself. you almost have the bay bridge toll plaza to yourself with a lineup on the left side. this early hour they should be opening up a few more tool booths. it will thin out. we are friday light elsewhere. tracy to dublin is 32 minutes. westbound four antioch to concord is 14 minutes. the south bay is just ahead.
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>> san francisco police officer shot in the head and left partly paralyzed. coming up we will show you previous of his amazing progress. >> late night deliveries from the post office with a
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it is 4:32. most people run from danger but this woman without hesitation
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ran toward the scene of this rollover crash in texas. this is what she saw from the work window. an s.u.v. flying through the air. she decided to help. show climbed inside the crashed s.u.v. and pulled out the elderly driver. the victim was dazed with a gash, but it did not sink in until after the driver was loaded into the ambulance. look at her run toward the scene! we have a pouch date on the san francisco police officer shot in the head and partly paralyzed. look at this photo, san jose police chief tweeted this picture with officer down on the right, shot exactly three weeks ago by a mentally ill man, reportedly threatening police and later died in shootout. the chief wrote that downs is doing great, fantastic recovery and god wasn't ready for this guardian yet. he has work to do.
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downs is in physical therapy and determined to work as an officer again. can you imagine not getting your mail until after midnight? that is happening in oakland, concord and berkeley, unprecedented situation going on since late september. it is causing a lot of frustration and safety concerns. >> pretty bad. some days up to 15 hours a day i work, they give you a headlight and tell you to go out there. >> we caught up with a mail carrier well after 6:00 p.m., the post office is the typical dead line stuck in the middle of postal area problem caused by staffing shortages and increased online deliveries and high cost of living demands. the postal spokesperson says this. >> it is not good for the customers or our employees. we will solve it soon.
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>> i am fed up. >> in oakland, mail is on the street. sometimes it makes it to the right mailbox. >> yesterday i got five people's e-mail in five areas. >> in this south berkeley community we found this mailman working in the dark. leaving residents feeling unsettled. >> work long hours, does he feel safe being out so late? those are my major questions. it is election season so, are things on time? all the poet office plans to hire 300 more carriers. soon. delivery issues should be resolved by thanksgiving. >> a famous bay area chef will fight his d.u.i. arrest. c.h.p. officers arrested the chef on wednesday morning in napa. charges of drive under the law and possession of a controlled substance. he owns restaurants in san francisco and yountville and
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appeared in "top chef masters." he is embarrassed but he plans to deny the charges against him. >> san francisco's fire department is about to get dozens of freshed face firefighters, 51 entry level firefighters are sworn in this morning. 11 are firefighter paramedics. the group went through the fire academy, a tough 20-week training course including former military personnel and e.m.s. responders. >> meteorologist mike nicco has the weather. we have a "1" on the storm scale head our way? >> it is impressive, but we are getting the end of it. the bulk of the moisture is headed to vancouver. the storm is coming in on saturday night. east bay hills be northeast win at nine to 17. it is clear back to san francisco. mostly sunny. our warmest day is today. light showers saturday through sunday morning. dry and warm next week.
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today's temperatures 70s even upper 70s in san jose and morgan hill in the warm spot at 77, half moon bay and san francisco at 70, tonight, chilly inland with 40s and 50s around the bay and a few upper 40s to low 50s. our storm-impact scale is ranking the storms and this is going to be light, best chance across the north bay spotty light showers and not much of a breeze. at 10:00 on saturday night be no measurable rain, by 11:00 it is moving into santa rosa, by 2:00, it is moving as far south as oakland, san francisco, and half moon bay. a few sprinkles at the dumbarton bridge by sunday morning. here is a look at my seven-day forecast, you will notice temperatures drop into the low-to-mid 60s at the coast, low-to-mid 70s for the rest of the us after the weekend. alexis? >> good morning, off to a great start on the roads, fingers crossed. the south bay, 101 at 880, the
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northbound side is slight. same thing on our traffic maps only a bit of red westbound leaving the central valley. in san jose we have all green on the traffic flows and south of there from gilroy to the morgan hill area we see a delay on northbound 101. not today. we are green. we will look at construction slowing you down around oakland airport. that is coming up. >> a live desk update. >> i have stunning video coming to the live desk armed robbers holding up workers at a flea market in miami smashing jewelry display cases and pointed rifles at employees. they are running after the employees and you can see the destruction using sledgehammers and one used a rifle to shoot
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through the cases. police are looking for the five men. they got away in a white minivan. they got cash. jewelry. no employee was hurt. incredible video. >> mass said the full moon on november 13 and 14 will be a super moon, coming closer to earth than any other full moon since 1948! some people are calling it a super duper moon a scientific term. >> it will be incredible. >> cash be credit, or smartphone? a big retailer ready to let you pay with an app. >> cosmetic bust in the south bay with hidden hazards. >> now the techbytes.
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>> a consumer alert: gift cars that most of us use to redeem online. scramers say they are from a government age like the fbi or i.r.s. and demand payment using gift cards. the agencies never seek payments using gift cards and it targets elderly. high-tech items you may see hit the market, a wi-fi connected cookie oven designed to bake enough cookies for money with wi-fi capability. you can turn it on before you get home. >> and the future of personal transportation, created by a ford engineer carrying 265 pounds at top speed at 11 miles per hour traveling miles on
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they prey on our children, spending billions. addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them.
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>> you may have her how popular a special makeup is, a san jose woman is facing charges of importing counterfeit makeup and trying to sell it. a lot of the items you can see and all are not real. they found this in the woman's home, she had $50,000 worth of beauty items. it is believed the woman intended to sell the items. they were in the products that
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could contain hazardous substances. >> donations are pouring in to repair a mississippi church set on fire and vandalized with words "vote trump." they have raised more than the original $10,000 goal after tuesday's arson. it was spray painted on the outside wall, the sanctuary's pulls and pulpit and wonderfuls were destroyed. the missionary baptist is predominantly african-american and the fbi opened a civil rights investigation. so for, no arrests. >> a southern california church published a news let we are saying people would vote democrat are going to hell. obviously it raises some eyebrows and concern. the father from the catholic church in san diego said he wrote the page long article called "voting catholic," and a spokesperson said the letter misleads people and you will not actually go to hell for voting
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democrat. he will have a talk with the father. >> i would hope so. >> pore on that? >> meteorologist mike nicco, that is a talker...holy cow. >> temperature-wise, our big story is it is our warmest day, 70 in san francisco. concord and redwood city and oakland and san jose mid-to-upper 70s from five to eight degrees warmer. heading to the beach in upper 60s to 70 and santa cruz is 74. the rip current have been dangerous and they will subside at 5:00. lake tahoe is 63 and to the south, 83 in los angeles. >> the roads this remain do not have much happening. we have road work slowing you a bit at the oakland airport. this is the same area we saw yesterday, paving work on northbound 80. yesterday they did the left side and today they dot right side. it doesn't look like the backup
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is bad at 22 miles per hour average for 1.5 miles. everyone else is quiet, westbound 80 through emeryville we have all kinds of room. we have a slight delay out the central valley and we will check on the drive times after pack. >> attention wal-mart shoppers an effort to sin you money makes it easier in the checkout lane. next year wal-mart will accept chase pay on-line and the app so chase customers have another payment option and can receive rewards and get offers allowing them to cut costs on electronic transactions and pass the savings on to you. >> google's answer to amazon's echo and siri is on sale, responding to spoken commands and answers questions, check the calendar, turning on the tv, et cetera, et cetera. jonathan bloom tested out google
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home in his house. i watched this video. it is good. he did a great job. it is on his facebook page. >> check it out. the united states military went you even if you are overweight, and smoke marijuana. it is part of a birthday review of recruiting standards. defense secretary carter said he wants to ensure the rules do not lean people out would want to serve. the last year the pentagon has opened combat positions to women, lifted bans against openly trance general men and women who are searching. >> controversy with a sexually inappropriate comment and the university said that there is nothing it can do. >> wells fargo fired thousand of workers in a fraud scandal and now they are hiring some of them back. >> we have word of a
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definitely my wife. wait, i know what i want. make sparkling water at home. and drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water. >> good morning, bay area. let's get going. this is abc7 morning. >> it is 5:00 a.m. good morning on friday november 4. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui with jessica castro and meteorologist mike nicco and traffic reporter alexis smith. mike, what is the weekend looking like? >> behind the scenes, join us at 6:30. today, you do not need the umbrella. live doppler hd is bone dry. 45 to 56 as cool this morning. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60s at noon a


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